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SCHEDULE – Christmas delivery & holidays closing time

December 14, 2018, Milan Simundza

Since Christmas is around the corner, and many of you ask if order will be delivered in time I provide full info. We still recieve orders untill Monday 17th – mid day UTC. Then, we will invoice everyone who ordered. Customers who pay promptly for tuesday shipping will recieve their packages in time. For european

Obutto R3V

Volair Sim & Obutto r3volution compatibility thanks to WAP addon

November 8, 2018, Milan Simundza

Despite numerous sources on the internet I still get a lot of e-mails asking if MFG Crosswind rudder pedals are compatible with these cockpit solutions. Yes, MFG Crosswinds are compatible with both Volair Sim and Obutto r3volution cockpit solutions  BUT  you need to order special addon from us. It’s called WAP ( short for Width


faster and cheaper Delivery by DHL

September 14, 2018, Milan Simundza

Greatly reduced shipping prices to almost all Countries in the world thanks to new contract with DHL Worth mentioning is the fact that waiting times for MFG Crosswind rudder pedals is also reduced to 15 days or less. New prices are listed on our Order Pages  


Try MFG rudders at FS Expo 2018 – 1CGS/777 Studios, booth #303

May 25, 2018, Milan Simundza

June 9-10, 2018 • Flamingo Las Vegas • Las Vegas, NV 1CGS/777 Studios at booth #303 , showing IL-2 Sturmovik combat simulator on 3x simulator seats, all three equipped with MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. 1CGS/777 Studios are using our rudder pedals for years by Luke and Mike, and we recently sent another set to Jason.

FlightSimCon 2017

MFG products presented at FlightSimCon 2017

May 26, 2017, Milan Simundza

Update June 10th – Twitch streams from FlightSimCon are LIVE on  over the weekend ! Also, it is confirmed that MFG Crosswind will be hooked to a simulator alongside with VirtualFly VF Solo-A panel setup !! Thanks to our friends from , MFG Products will be presented at FlightSimCon 2017 June 10-11, 2017

Lower shipping prices !

January 10, 2017, Milan Simundza

Always nice to start a year with good news !  We are happy to announce that we managed to negotiate even better shipping prices. Our order page page is updated with new pricing. If you already made an order – no worries, new pricing is valid for all orders that are not billed yet. Starting

Warthog extensions sredjena

New Product – MFG Warthog extensions

August 5, 2016, Milan Simundza

MFG team is happy to announce our new product – MFG Warthog extensions. Product is in stock, and ready to ship. Update on : 24.09.2018 – Warthog extension are out of stock, all lenghts . I will publish when new batch is available for purchase!!! Updated on : 08. April 2017. Warthog extensions can be

graphite front side

MFG Crosswind – graphite color option

August 3, 2016, Milan Simundza

We are happy to announce a new color option for our MFG Crosswind rudder pedals – Graphite/black color. Our order form is update with a color choice : original mild grey/black , or in new graphite color. First small batch of pedals in new color just shipped to some customers scheduled for “july” delivery. We

New Software and firmware for all MFG devices released

June 12, 2016, Milan Simundza

MFG Software package V2.15 has just been released on our download page. We advise all our customers to download new package and upgrade to new firmware which is included in the package. Both software and firmware include a lot new features, improvements and bugfixes, safety checks. New user manual for  MFG Configurator software and firmware

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with some more reviews

December 29, 2015, Milan Simundza

Dear Aviation enthousiasts, MFG Team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016 ! Featured image of this article is Ross Buckland’s fine art that we love here at MFG. Head over to Ross website if you like it too   Forum threads are already filling up with customers who phraise the longetivity