Lower shipping price for EU, updated Delivery dates

October 1, 2015, Milan Simundza


We negotiated cheaper shipping prices for European destinations. New prices are visible when you click on ORDER link.

For those who already filled the order form – do not worry, shipping price decrease if valid for you too. In fact – for all orders that are not invoiced yet.

For customers outside Europe Shipping price remain the same as before.


Our order book for November delivery is filled. Therefore new orders will be scheduled for December 2015 delivery.  Order form pages and “terms of sale” are updated to reflect that delivery date.

I often recive mails asking for delivery date or  something like “I could not complete the payment”. I kindly ask you to read the terms of sale. It will pop up when you click on “terms of sale” tickbox on order page.

  • Delivery date information is presented on Order form, it will be regulary updated.
  • Payment is required when your order is ready to ship.