Lower shipping prices !

January 10, 2017, Milan Simundza

Always nice to start a year with good news !  We are happy to announce that we managed to negotiate even better shipping prices.

Our order page page is updated with new pricing. If you already made an order – no worries, new pricing is valid for all orders that are not billed yet. Starting from today, quality rudder pedals are a little bit more affordable, even if you live in the most remote area of the world !  Delivered at amazing speed too… Average dispatch to delivery is only 3-4 days within Europe, 6-7 days to US and 7-9 days around the globe !

We at MFG managed to increase our production capacity too, reducing our backlog and therefore – waiting time. Current wait time for MFG Crosswind rudder pedals is approx 1 month.

Some more info in case you wonder :

  • MFG Warthog extensions – in stock …lenghts 7.5 , 10 and 12 cm
  • We produce MFG Crosswind rudder pedals in two colors. Mild grey/black is considered as standard, and if you want to recieve graphite/black colored pedals just write “graphite” under note space during order. Price is the same regardless which color you choose.
  • We use DPD Courier for delivery. In US packages are actually dispatched by Fedex. On other areas of the world DPD Courier has reliable partners for delivery. For Norway and Switzerland we deliver trough Postal service priority airmail as it turned out to be cheaper and quicker for our customers. Shipping insurance is included in price !

More info to come

Happy New 2017 !