Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with some more reviews

December 29, 2015, Milan Simundza

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Dear Aviation enthousiasts,

MFG Team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016 !

Featured image of this article is Ross Buckland’s fine art that we love here at MFG. Head over to Ross website if you like it too


Forum threads are already filling up with customers who phraise the longetivity of our products, I am glad to say that I commonly read sentences like “more than 2 years in continuos use, still as new !”  But there are still new reviews coming out on youtube. We watched these and would like to thank the reviewers for taking their time to publish these and informing us about their videos so we can share them.

First video was made by “Almost Aviation”. He made a comparison between Saitek, MFG and Flightlink pedals, covering various aspects of each pedals and why you should have pedals in FSX. It’s a lenghty 33 minute long review that even include some force graph’s for each pedal.

If you are not sure if you need rudder , or which rudder system suit your preference…this video is a half hour well spent !

If you think above video is longest hardware review you watched…think again.

D’andre from published a 1 hour 6 minute video review :-)  Review include all sort of stuff. Some references as a comparison to Saitek’s and Redbird Alloy RD1 rudder system ,  stunning synced 3 camera view on cocpit/yoke and warthog/ and pedals showing you actuall inputs during helicopter flying and Twin Otter flying. Here you go…


If you think that’s enough. I’ve got to say people like MFG Crosswinds in Ireland too :-)


We will conclude this post with a hint  – there will be some announcments from MFG team in January 2016

Stay tuned !