September 7, 2015, Milan Simundza

After over 2 years of production we finally finished a new website. We think it has a better structure and blog alike news interface give us ability for easier ( more frequent) news publishing.

Website is desktop, tablet and mobile friendly. There are a few glitches, mostly on mobile version of website which will be resolved within a week.

MFG Crosswind product pages are also updated to give you better presentation and explanation of the product. Gallery is finally back and product specification with dimensions is now more clearly presented.

There is still some work to be done. Most importantly…product pages and gallery present MFG Crosswind V1 pedals…while we have already passed the major revision of the pedals – V2 ( currently shipping pedals V2.2). Comprehensive newsletter from March 2015 is still online and you can find it HERE

In september you can expect a product pages and gallery to be updated with pictures taken from latest model of MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. We will publish some more news too.

On behalf of the MFG Team

Milan Šimundža