MFG Warthog extensions in black color arrived

September 5, 2019, Milan Simundza


Our product – MFG Warthog extensions, is back in stock and ready to ship.

Update on : 06.09.2019 , IN STOCK , new anodized black extensions too… purchase on our new web store at :

About the product

Product is intended to improve Thrustmaster’s HOTAS Warthog joystick behaviour by extending Warthog’s grip position as compared to it’s gimbal mechanism, thus minimizing the shortcomings of original design ( stiction of gimbal mechanics, short throw of the joystick, strong centering spring). Every Warthog joystick + extension owner will confirm that this small and relatively inexpensive add on will dramatically improve original behaviour of the stick by means of more natural ( larger) throw of the stick which makes it possible to be used as decent center or side mounted joystick. Customers also experience better feeling in handling of the plane due to fine positioning of the stick which is most important while dogfighting.

Only shortcoming of this accessory is that it can hardly be used with joystick sitting on top of a regular desk. Un-modified Thrustmaster Warthog sit too high on a desk too, and by adding extension to it desk usage ergonomics make it unpractical to say at least…so warthog joystick base must be somehow mounted in lower position than office desk to utilise potential of an Warthog extension. If your intention is to use Extension with a desk mounted joystick we recommend length of 7.5 cm only, with limited ergonomics !!

Features :

  • Can be used on Thrustmaster Warthog or Cougar joystick
  • made of aluminum alloy, polished  (lightweight)
  • professionally produced cable (reliability, short connector size, thin and long cable for easy assembly and easy twisting)
  • threads adopted so multiple extensions can be used used together ( adjust length)
  • stepless grip rotation angle fixing due to unique thread design (custom grip offset)
  • 3x lengths available : 7,5cm, 10cm and 12 cm


Price is the same for all sizes (7.5cm, 10cm or 12cm)
1x extensions = 32 eur / 40 eur incl. VAT

Discounted price when ordering 2x, 3x extensions of same size is valid untill 30.09.2019
2x extensions = 12% discount
3x extensions = 20 % discount

Each extension include a cable. If you order 3x extension you’ll recive 3x cables
We charge Croatian VAT of 25% to EU customers. Outside EU we ship VAT free

order at our store :

Here is one more picture presenting all three sizes together with cables … youtube video of extension in action coming soon…