New Software and firmware for all MFG devices released

June 12, 2016, Milan Simundza

MFG Software package V2.15 has just been released on our download page. We advise all our customers to download new package and upgrade to new firmware which is included in the package. Both software and firmware include a lot new features, improvements and bugfixes, safety checks. New user manual for  MFG Configurator software and firmware upgrade guide is included, as well as firmware changelog for each device.

It is important to note for our existing customers that, unlike previous versions, new MFG Configurator software is universal for both V1 and V2 versions of MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. We suggest to all existing customers to quickly scroll trough new user manual and changelog to see what’s in there, at least.

For V1 rudder pedals , new firmware V4.21 is fully updated and contain all improvements just like we implemented in firmware for V2 pedals, and new Universal joystick firmware. Statement is clear. Despite being a small team, MFG is here to stay and provide long term support and improvements for our products.

Software V2.15 is also our first stable, tested and fully featured public release for our own Universal joystick controller electronics. Firmware ( V7.16) is also supplied in the package. Owners of MFG Crosswind V2 pedals who feel comfortable with our software advanced features can also try V7.16 firmware. It is a fully unlocked version, so advanced axis settings can be used.

With this release we also want to announce our own Web shop which is in the works. MFG SiMM8Rge advanced universal joystick electronics will be available with other products like digital sensors, button extenders, cables, magnets etc.

We will soon make more announcments for new products so please, check our website periodically. In a meanwhile we publish some teaser for you – MFG electronics with two digital sensors and Warthog grip attached. This picture is taken from our manual

Simm8rge + sensors + warthog