Try MFG rudders at FS Expo 2018 – 1CGS/777 Studios, booth #303

May 25, 2018, Milan Simundza


June 9-10, 2018 • Flamingo Las Vegas • Las Vegas, NV

1CGS/777 Studios at booth #303 , showing IL-2 Sturmovik combat simulator on 3x simulator seats, all three equipped with MFG Crosswind rudder pedals.

1CGS/777 Studios are using our rudder pedals for years by Luke and Mike, and we recently sent another set to Jason. Not only that you will be able to try the pedals on thrilling warbird ride, but also testify impeccable longetivity of the rudder pedals. Exibited pedals are S/N 1119 from 2015 , S/N 3218 from 2016, and fresh from production S/N 6591 ( 2018).

FligthSimExpo is North America’s community-driven flight simulation conference, taking place in Las Vegas Flamingo Resort. Tickets are selling fast, so hurry up to get yours at

MFG is both proud and honored to be serving 1CGS/777 Studios, developers of all time famous IL-2 series, as well as Brilliant WWI flight sim “Rise of flight”.  Fun Fact is that we at MFG extensively used Rise of Flight sim during development ( and for fun :-)).  MFG Crosswind rudder pedals were polished by dogfighting in Rise of flight’s Fokker DR1, still being most rudder dependant airplane in any sim out there :-)) 777 Studios are actively upgrading Rise of Flight to be a part of IL-2 series under the name “Flying Circus”. Being part of IL-2 series will bring more goodies to the game like VR, better graphics and performance and a lot more. We at MFG very much look forward to the release of Flying Circus, as well as further improvements on IL-2 series.

Enjoy !