Volair Sim & Obutto r3volution compatibility thanks to WAP addon

November 8, 2018, Milan Simundza

Obutto R3V

Despite numerous sources on the internet I still get a lot of e-mails asking if MFG Crosswind rudder pedals are compatible with these cockpit solutions.

Yes, MFG Crosswinds are compatible with both Volair Sim and Obutto r3volution cockpit solutions  BUT  you need to order special addon from us. It’s called WAP ( short for Width Adjustment Plates), and you’ll find it on our order pages. It’s a 16 eur ( 20 eur incl. tax) addon that give you few more adjustment options on the rudder pedals, including the option to make pedals a bit more narrow than standard.

NOTE : Obutto Ozone cockpit is NOT Compatible due to too narrow pedals bay!!!

Standard width of the MFG Crosswind is 49,5 cm which barely fit into Obutto R3volution cockpit ( rub against side bars), while 49,5 cm cannot fit into Volair Sim at all. By using above mentioned addon – WAP , width of the pedals can be reduced to 46,5 cm and thank to pedals parallelogram principle pedals get even more narrow when deflected which enable it to run smoothly in both of these cockpits. Let me demonstrate this effect.

First picture present  standard MFG Crosswind rudder pedals, without deflection, without WAP addon. Take note that inner holes are used to screw in foot plates into the brake axis shaft

standard pedals top view

Now let’s take a look at the pedals when WAP addon is used on following picture. On this picture we fix foot plates by using outer holes on the WAP addon, therefore reducing the overall width of pedals to 46,5 cm…BUT, due to parallelogram principle, pedals are actually 44,5 cm wide when fully deflected, and thus fit nicely in both cockpits.

WAP top view 40 degree deflectedWAP 3d detail

I kindly ask you to watch my video regarding WAP addon, published back in 2013 :


This is how it looks fitted into Obutto R3volution cockpit :

Obutto R3V

And this picture is from Volair Sim cockpit :

Volair Sim

Both of these cockpits are NOT PREDRILLED for MFG Crosswind, so you will need to drill by yourself at least two holes for fixing pedals in place. Various quick release gadgets can be easily used too.

Volair Sim also require a little bit more care to do it right, as explained by the following post on Volair Sim :



No longer able to use “toe out” feature of MFG Crosswind with WAP addon :

When using WAP addon to make rudder pedals more narrow you will no longer be able to use TOE OUT feature on the MFG Crosswind. Well, even if you could, pedals cannot fit into these cockpit as “toe out” add’s up to overall width. Let’s see how standard pedals with toe out look like :

standard top view toe out

WAP addon also has multitude of holes for fixing foot plate , providing the ability to further adjust the fore/aft position of the pedal. Think of it as a fine tuning of your pedals against your seat into comfort zone :-)

And , of course, if pedals are used outside of cockpit + WAP addon , it also give customer a posibility to increase overall width of the pedals to 52,5 cm ( by bolting foot plates trough it’s inned holes on WAP). In such case “toe out feature is working just fine :-)

You can now buy yourself both decent cockpit & rudder pedals :-))